EA029 - I am or I want to be


Hello Son,

I am or I want to be...

It is time to evaluate ourselves and find our strengths not weaknesses. If you look back a year ago, you will see how much you have learnt. Think about how much knowledge you have researched and what you know now. In some cases there has been so much reading then ever before, and for most it has been a steep rise in reading all sorts of books.

The research and finding things out, has been for many an insatiable appetite that keeps on going. Where did this thirst suddenly develop?

To find who you are is the most important start of a journey and soon all will be rewarded with the answer soon. For some, they are finding there way in life finally and doing the things they enjoy while others are changing things for the better.

Living in the now is essential, and getting things done is more important; as through action we make a connection with the energies of creation as they manifest immediately.

All of your reading has done so well, now look back over a year and see where you are now. It is truly a miracle which the Creator has bestowed upon yourself. He has not forgotten you so do not give up or deviate from your task of ascension.

The truth is being revealed daily for those who seek it. Your answers are being answered and soon you will be able to ask anything and find the answers yourselves.

A gift waiting to be discovered.

Remember to practice visualisation and dream.

Your mother, walk steadily and guide yourselves to your own dreams.