EA028 - Passion, expectation and contentment


Hello Son,

Passion, expectation and contentment

Are you living with passion or living your lives with expectation of receiving something or simply content with what you have?

We need to ask deep inside ourselves these questions and finding the result. It is the answer is the next step to fulfilling our lives.

Some people would answer that passion is the most important element and quality to have as it drives someone to do something that they feel is necessary. Others would say that expectation is necessary too as goodwill should be rewarded by the Creator. Then comes contentment in our life; simply getting down to our normal daily routine and being satisfied and getting on with it without question or being frustrated.

There are a thousand answers to the words that satisfy passion, expectation and contentment.

Because the world was made for you.

So you decide what you really want the outcome to each day to be. We feel that at this current time and ascension happening all around the world; we should have passion for each day and everything that you do. We should expect something for your good deeds and even from your loved ones for the kindness you have shown or simply looking after them. We should all seek contentment and happiness in our lives. Without this we simply fall over and are in a state of complete despair.

This is the time also to ask the Creator what you really want for the present and the future for yourselves and loved ones. Some people do not or simply forget to pray.

A pray can be for all sort of things, it is up to you and it is personal for yourselves. Once it has been done then simply leave it to the Creator to sort it out, but keep you instincts on high alert for answers and inspiration. Expect an answer and he does answer to all of our prayers, but we are sometimes too occupied not to hear the answer or simply not tuned to the frequency.

Your mother with passion, expectation and lived a contented life, you do too.