EA027 - Visualising


Hello Son,


Preparing your mind body and soul is the most important thing; in other words using quality time raising your vibration and living in the now.

We admire your interests in the future, but it is still advisable to think of the now and not the happenings of the future. This is because there are certain small details still to be finalised; depending on the collective consciousness of the planet, things can still change.

However, the pole shift will happen in 2012, a specific date or time only the Creator can give the go ahead.

We remind you that ascension will take place in phases, some it is happening right now. Do not worry if you feel that nothing has happened, it will soon happen to you, with the will of God.

Quality time spending on yourselves, family and loved ones, we have mentioned time and time again. It is the most important thing you can do right now. If you feel a change of job is needed then do so. Live happily and things will happen to you quickly.

If you feel frustrated then ask yourselves what is needed to make things better and try to work towards it; if guidance is needed then ask someone.

We advise that at least once a week to sit down and visualise your dream world and future. What would you want from the new world in the fifth dimensional realm? We feel that you need practice on visualising.

Dream your dream. Make it extraordinary and incredible as nothing is beyond the Creator. Once you have a dream, then build on it and go into detail. Remember Heaven on Earth is soon to be restored to the world. There will be a complete phased transformation of the planet and the technology you will see and have access too.

Sit in silence with your eyes closed and dream and visualise the surrounding and even the house you will want to live; then build on it each time you sit.

Your mother requesting all to visualise and be patient.