EA026 - Repairing the Cosmic Body


Hello Son,

Repairing the Cosmic Body

The final chapter of your eventful life is now coming to a close. After numerous reincarnation from thousands of years, the cosmic body is near perfection and ready for the changes.

The cosmic body is like a white light body when it is in perfect condition. At present it may have some holes here and there that need patching up. This is why everyone needs to fulfil this task by doing good deeds, giving to charity, caring the sick, and loved ones; this includes the duties as a parent and the people under your care.

When we do these responsibilities to the best of our abilities and without any complaint, the repairs of the cosmic body and the healing of the conscious and subconscious can take place.

The merging of consciousness and higher conscious will be one; any interference with the logic mind that had doubted our own abilities over the years, will be soon end.

You are nearing perfection.

It is perfection when we step forward into the fifth dimension and into ascension. We can smile for we have passed every test through all the reincarnations of our lives. We have conquered ourselves, ego and the temptations from our negativity and Satan.

No one can stop you now as the final repairs are taking place and a few hurdles to step over. Indeed it is exciting; Heaven on Earth is the reward for your patience.

Your mother, reminding you that soon mankind will see for the first time the truth about himself and creation.