EA024 - Unclutter your minds

Hello Son,
Unclutter your minds
Before any of this can take place, a clearout is needed in the material world. Visually we suggest you clearout the things in your house, cupboards, garages that have no use and donate them to a recycle or charity shop.
You may want to decorate and improve your own surroundings around each room. Even a single room cleared out of its unwanted things can bring a smile of achievement.
This is necessary as a step to letting go unwanted and deep emotions that have been in your minds for years. This is a healing process that is much needed in every household around the world.
To move on consciously we must learn to let go of material clutter, which includes unwanted things, unnecessary hoarding and keeping things in pristine and clean order.
Once you have done this on a regular basis, a new vibration will enclose and be absorbed by the cells of the body. This will revitalise yourselves and others alike. New thoughts and inspiration will flood in to consciousness and spark the energies into action. It is through action, that  the new chapter in your lives will begin.
Encourage others to do the same; a flower in a room can give so much pleasure and energy to all who gaze at it. The whole vibration of the room can change by this single flower or even a plant.
Listen to yourselves and take advice from your higher consciousness for ideas. It is there to be used, a gift given by the Creator; we should give thanks immediately for this.
When these necessary steps are taken you will feel like new and then you can concentrate more on raising your own vibration to seek the journey of the next chapters of your exciting lives.
The world and Mother Earth is there to inspire each one of us to do more for each other and your families. Never forget, you are special, it is why you are here during this wondrous change of consciousness, to go to the fifth dimensional realms.
Your mother advising all to let go of the pain and guilt that occupy your minds. And move on to new vibrational changes.