EA023 - Forgive Yourselves

Hello Son,
Forgive Yourselves
You are all here at this time because you wished to be here to experience ascension. The Creator in turn has granted your request.
All of you are worthy and credible, so learn to forgive yourselves and move on with your lives. Some of you do not praise often and have a low opinion of yourselves. By doing so, you are putting extra weight and stress which is not needed. Lighten your burden and free all the things that have been in your memories for so long.
When you do so, remember that you are indeed special as the Creator has granted you ascension from millions of souls of the past. Keep this thought and praise yourselves and be proud that you have gone through some difficult circumstances to be here at this time.
There are still some challenging times ahead, but you will stand tall and go through them. Do not focus too much on the problem but look ahead to ascension as your big goal. The prize is huge and to be free from the plagues and worries of the world will be soon, the Creator has already decreed this.
Mankind carry on with your lives and upgrade your surroundings with positivity. By doing the right thing through love and humility, others will follow your example and the ripple will reverberate around the world.
Peace and harmony will soon arrive after the demonstrations have finished. Be positive and wish your future and manifest it with your belief in your minds, again and again.
Your mother in forgiving the past to move on to the future with peace and harmony.