EA022 - Wisdom is Wisdom

Hello Son,
Wisdom is Wisdom
Whenever a person requires knowledge it opens up parts of the brain that have been dormant. This in turn opens up new insights and thought. It is all mankind’s duty to open up the dormant 90% of the mind that only becomes active during sleep. But it does not have to be like this, we can actually wake up the 90% during the day and not when we are asleep.
We remind you from our earlier channelling that an average person uses up to 10% of his mind to get by in this material world.
Ascension requires that you use all 100% of our brain. This will happen in stages, as parts of the brain will open up during a period of time. But we can kick start the process by acquiring different knowledge.
Spiritual knowledge acquired and understood opens up more parts of the brain then material knowledge.
In a meditative state, the mind immediately opens up and by continuously doing it will keep the mind open. When this happens our instinct, perception, judgements, openness, memory and learning will increase multiple times. It is now ready to be used in the material world to better our lives and others too.
Wisdom is wisdom and invites any learner to deeply reflect on life. When we do this we ignite the sparks of the 90% mind not being used. It is like exercising different muscles of the body and making a profile of oneself.
Learn from anybody you can, regardless of what religion, creed or faith. Trust your own judgements when you read a book or watch a program. If it immediately feels right, then your higher consciousness is guiding you to keep reading.
As the Creator is promoting everyone to the fifth dimensional world, he has made learning easier than any generations from the past. We are indeed in an era to be truly grateful to the Creator and we should give praise to Him daily.
Your mother; learn and keep learning, read and keep reading, and practice what you have learnt, so that others will follow your lead.