EA021 - Divine Treasure

Hello Son,
Divine Treasure
Mankind’s attitudes are changing and he is beginning to find the path of truth, honesty and most importantly to his Creator. As information through media and internet is easily available, he is beginning to see and reflect upon the changes all around the world.
There isn’t a day that goes by that revolutionary and historical things are happening around the world, especially in Europe and North Africa.
It is time now to make ideas into action and find the Divine Treasure to make this leap into the fifth dimension. We can start by changing our attitudes in how we talk to each other and not being biased or prejudiced. By doing these things we invite negativity to our body and immediately our minds become polluted. Once this happens our link with the higher consciousness becomes a weak signal and thoughts and ideas become distorted.
We suggest that a regular timetable during a period of forty days to raise ones vibration. This can be done by sitting down in meditation in the morning hours, earlier the better, and contemplating the Creator.
Then for the rest of the day, abstaining from things that will bring on negativity or over emotional states; in other words, not just staying in the balance but being positive during the day. This does not mean sitting and praying, but living too. Do the necessary routine with an open mind and the thought that it is going to be a good day, every day keep this thought in your mind.
It is advisable not to overeat, as with a light stomach ideas flow freely through the mind and can be acted upon.
Just before you go to sleep meditate again and keep a happy thought in your minds.
If you do not have the opportunity to meditate then being positive and being mindful from ones actions and what you say, is another way of raising your vibrations. A change of attitude is necessary to progress to the fifth dimensional realm.
We must also question ourselves and ask if we are satisfying our own desires or are we happy. Most of you are but perhaps something’s do need changing in your lives to make things even better.
Through happiness and love, which are higher vibrations we can make spiritual progress.
A day will come when you will be able to ask your own questions and receive the answer at an instant; only when we access the Divine Treasure through the higher consciousness.
Your mother advising a change of routine to connect to the Divine inner Treasures.