EA020 - Deep Belief

Hello Son,
Deep Belief
It is to all your credit that you have got this far; now it is time to extend yourselves to the next level.
This is to start believing in everything you do, whatever the task you are doing. It is this mindset that will leap frog everybody into ascension and the fifth dimensional. Let’s not be thinking about doom and gloom, but the opposite.
All must be getting up to an exciting day that will be nourishing to the mind and that will leave us free from any kind of stress. Being hopeful is what is required from all of us at this time.
Once we have set this inside our mind, the next step is to start an interest that will make you determined and give you the inner strength to succeed. It is better that you research on two things; one is yourselves to find out your strength and weakness, the other is two acquire knowledge that will enrich your minds.
The energies of 11.11.11 are manifested inside of you all and are waiting to be used to your hearts content. If we just sit down and do nothing then there will be no changes in your lives and surrounding.
Whatever you do will cause a ripple of change around the area. Then collectively, things will manifest around you and changes will happen. It is through action and doing something that change will occur.
Approach each day with excitement and optimism; knowing inside your heart that opportunities will soon happen which are just around the corner.
But remember, the deepest satisfaction is to satisfy the soul. This is the deepest belief. The higher consciousness wants to make a connection to aid the remaining time before ascension.
Correct guidance and your own guidance is essential for everlasting belief.
Your mother through inner wisdom and knowledge I pray that we will all succeed.