EA019 - Beginning of truth and help


Hello Son,

As more people reflect on their lives with the help of their increased intuitive and thinking skills; a new dawn will begin in the history of the planet. This is the age of truth.

Slowly but surely mankind’s connection with his inner love vibration will give rise to understanding and compassion within. He will begin to understand deeply about his life and why certain things happened during a particular time.

All the Holy Books, Prophets and Saints have all said that life is a trail for mankind. This life is a soul searching and living the emotions and combating them. It is no wonder man gave up, because of his difficult circumstances as he left his faith and believed in material world.

It is time for everyone to believe in a new age of love and understanding. But this must start from all of you at an instant. We have mentioned many times over about the ripple effect, when a wave of positive is sent around the world.

Every person has an energy field which some of his vibrations he emits to his surrounding which others not knowingly absorb. As more individuals emit more energy, then we have what is called personal atmosphere. It is this atmosphere that the collective conscious begin to do things collectively. For example, everyone is working at the same time during the day.

When more people begin to search within themselves for the answers, we will see a sudden change of local atmospheres and globally too. We are reminded everyday of uprising and demonstrations as examples of collective consciousness and people beginning to work together with a same aim.

As this search inside deepens, Mankind will discover is true compassion and his identity. It is this compassion is the first drink of the pool of infinite knowledge and understanding the Will of the Creator; a discovery why he first came to this world and for what purpose.

The world is rapidly changing into a new wave of love; this is intensifying daily as more people begin to wake up.

However, there is one more thing that they are not doing, it is sharing and communicating between each other. The first step to awakening is looking after the ones who are closer to you and sharing the time with them. Otherwise, the Creator will make time immediately; this could be due illness, or time of from work. When there is a need we must not shy away or dismiss this, but an immediate response is needed.

The Creator has been pleased with you all on how much you have grown over the years in finding and awakening yourselves. He asks one more thing which is lacking and slowing down ascension. So share time and communicate with the people you know.

There are so many people in the world who need support and guidance and even help; so take time and treat them the respect, because moments in your own lives this easily was you. Life without understanding is like a maze that there a zero percent chance of finding ones way out.

If we reflect again and again in moments of hardship and difficulty, we were helpless and needed someone to hold our hands and lead the way. For some there was no one, a sadness that we all remember in the deep consciousness of our minds.

Your mother requesting you all to start a ripple of love and compassion, to ignite the new wave that will circulate around the world without ceasing.