EA017 - Can life ever be the same?


Hello Son,

Can life ever be the same?

Mankind should never be thinking about their past lives and yearning for those times; simply because the new life will be tenfold and even better. With a superior mind and instinct, one can be assured that life will be easier. With the death of the old systems of making money being replaced by freedom to pursue any career or passion, mankind can look forward to these times coming soon.

Life will never be the same and with the Creator’s guidance and His energy to develop, ones own connection with the higher consciousness.

But this idea can be short lived if we do not make an effort to connect with the source as in the Creator via the higher consciousness. Otherwise we can expect the same and even worse times to come.

The Creator is informing you through thousands and thousands messages via internet, news, film and other sources that the third dimensional thinking is coming to an end. There is so much evidence that every person should be spending there free time on improving themselves and finding the hidden source of knowledge.

Do not delay any further, and rid the thought of waiting for something to happen. You make something happen, do not expect others to give you a lift, it may not be possible. We must learn how to use our own judgements, instinct and thought to guide our lives. Develop this connection and do not be disheartened if it does not happen straight away, keep trying.

Your mother wishing you all a better and healthy life for now and the future.