EA018 - Pole Shift 2012


Hello Son,

Pole shift 2012

I can confirm what you already know that a pole shift will occur in 2012, but the actual date only the Creator knows.

The pole shift is when there is going be a reversal of the poles; the north will move to the south and vice versa. Mankind should not be alarmed or worry about leaving. We will guide you closer to the time, be assured the Almighty is the best of all planners.

There has been a reversal of the poles several times in the history of the planet but never with ascension at the same time era. This is unique for everyone alive at this time. To witness and live through these events is sacred and only a select few from trillions of souls have reached this time period.

You are indeed special.

Pole shift will see enormous misplacement of land, do not be alarmed, the Creator wants and insists on the safeguard of mankind, but there will be casualties. This is to be expected as at the same time ascension will take place and those who do not want to ascend will depart from this world.

It is important that you all find the truth within yourselves for detailed answers. This has been one of the targets for mankind when he was sent down to Earth and the third dimension.

This is easier then you think.

Your mother, relive your dreams and contemplate in silence for all truths.