EA015 - The moment of change


Hello Son,

The moment of change

New energies arising from the 11.11.11 opening are beginning to manifest and take hold of its new surrounding, the body. These energies are filtering through and giving new inspiration to all of you. For some there is an immediate concern for change from the old way of living.

A lot of you are having new ideas and feel like doing something different to rid of the routine mankind has been stuck in. Most realised that it was the robotic routine that made your minds dull. This led to the same mundane of thinking and lack of energies related to this.

These new energies require all of you to make a new action to upgrade your lives to give fresh ideas.

For example, looking at the same picture all day long, can be dull and are limited scope for fresh inspirational ideas. The Creator wants all of mankind to better themselves in work, home, friendships and spirituality as well. He wants all to take the energies of 11.11.11 and put them to good use. They are housed inside the cells of the body waiting to help you.

Some people have had an inspiration of decorating there house or change their jobs; if this is you and you have had this thought for a long time and it pleases you, then change.

Change is what the soul wants right now as it knows about ascension; For so long it has been isolated because you were unable to here it. The moment is now to start to make this connection to the world and yourselves.

If you are unhappy with your lives it is because your soul is unhappy. It wants the best for you and it knows how unwell and emotional you can be. Do not be afraid of change as the Creator guides the brave and true, to new pastures.

A simple thing like decorating the room can give so much pleasure and inspiration. It freshens the place and dispels all the old energies; replacing them with new ones.

Your mother giving inspiration to you all.