EA016 - Working towards?


Hello Son,

Working towards……?

By now you should be working towards a goal or dream that will help you to ascend. It is this determination that will give the lift to do something productive and fulfilling.

We remind you that it’s your thoughts and the Law of Karma that makes the connection with the universe which makes things happen. By being persistent and keeping the same thought constantly in your mind.

Decide what you are working towards, and then make the action to do so.

However, if you do not have any plan, then the Creator will make things happen to make sure that you are thinking on the same path as everyone else. Some of you could be in difficult circumstances and feel that things are breaking up all around you.

We ask you to be positive as the Creator is guiding you towards ascension and it is possible where you are and what you are doing is stumbling progress. It is necessary that you make a quick and immediate change.

The Creator knows what is best for you and wishes that you be patient and carry on raising your own vibrations to aid in ascension. Mankind needs to make changes that will keep you happy and give you peace of mind.

When you have a stable and trouble free mind, then things will accelerate around you including your own spiritual growth. Do not blame the Creator for these troublesome times, but thank Him for making yourselves so resilient and strong. Yes you are all courageous people for making it here so far due to all the mixed emotional upheaval during the darkest years of your lives. I and the Creator applaud you.

Work towards a goal that will nourish and keep you happy.

Your mother guiding and instructing the necessary changes towards 2012.