EA014 - Birthday


Hello Son,


Thank you for remembering my birthday, in the material world millions celebrate with huge parties with their loved ones. I too celebrated my birthday, in this realm it is exactly the day when I died in the world.

When my spirit departed from Earth, I was born in the next dimensional realm. It was an exciting moment as all my relatives and Ascended Masters came to greet me.

My mother, father and sisters and past relatives gave me a massive welcome fit for any king or queen. In the beginning I noticed my immediate relatives, but as I looked around there were so many people, from Ascended Masters, Saints and Prophets too.

They made me feel so welcome, and the thought of me dying and the negative emotions associated with this, was no more. For a second the thought, of me leaving you and my family behind was there; however, when I saw everybody I knew that I had nothing to worry about and you were all going to be looked after as well.

I remember you made a speech of the same nature, six years ago at my death anniversary. That I would be celebrating my birthday on the day I died on this world.

Life is a lot better, in fact to be exact, 40,000 times better. Because in the beginning when I was born, this is how many times my mind had increased by. I am considerably more superior to the average person in this realm and my role is to educate them.

Every person is given the opportunity to increase their vibration and get to know what knowledge is all about. More importantly, getting to know your own soul and making a connection.

The lessons we learn are mainly telepathic learning, I will teach you this on a later day.

Your mother hoping you all celebrate your own and family birthdays too.