EA013 - Old then New


Hello Son,

Old then New

The old systems of economics and law & order are beginning to fail all around the world. These systems were based on the third dimensional mind; some were useful but were still very slave oriented. They had served their purpose as so many people did not complain, hence they were useful.

However, with mans consciousness and superior mind, the demands are far greater as his consciously views life’s challenges, differently. His basic instinct is superior and senses too.

Mankind’s journey to the fifth dimension is a challenge and of shedding its old beliefs and replacing them with openness and love. There cannot be any doubt but positivity instead.

This is happening as we write these words. The chaos all around the world is the replacement of the old to the new systems of living. This is necessary otherwise ascension cannot take place until these basic needs for the people are replaced.

We only learn better when we are happy and not frustrated; when this doesn’t happen, progress cannot be made. The basic needs of mankind are not being met and frustration and anger is everywhere. This cannot continue and we are implementing these changes right now.

We are conducting these necessary changes for the happiness of all of mankind.  Rest assured we are going to be successful and require that you continue with your own spiritual development. We suggest as a priority to harness the energy and knowledge within through silent meditation.

The answers you all seek are within yourselves through your own higher consciousness.

We are much aware of continuous frustration and problems within so many lives; we ask that you be strong and put it at the back of the mind and continue on. Changes are happening all around and progresses are being made.

We ask that you all visualise success and believe to help the cause.

Your mother in replacing the old system of living and helping the cause of success.