EA012 - Energies and Diet


Hello son,

So many around the world are waking up to the truth and realising the sudden changes. When this happens our own body chemistry changes and the foods that we eat need to be changed to.

If you really desire perfect health in body, mind and spirit then we suggest that a new diet should be adopted to rid the body of any heaviness in the stomach.

The fifth ascension is where we are going, this is not going to change; the process of change is happening in leaps and bounds as Mother Earth desires back her beauty of years gone by. As a result the spirit too wants a healthy free body rid of any ailments.

The Creator is aware that so many people desire healthy life and living as a priority and is helping you to do this right now. The old way of living has left minds in confused and emotionally fed up. This cannot continue and advise you all to chase your dreams if any changes are to be made spiritually.

When you are all happy then will your true potential ignite; the flame inside your hearts will reveal the hidden knowledge within. The Creator has made it easy for you, if you desire it.

To receive total respect and praise from the Creator, everyone should reach His frequency and start communicating. He is calling out your names and wants everyone’s life easier then before. He is answering your prayers and leading you all to the straight path.

Oh mankind wake up and reach your potential and beyond the third dimensional and into the fifth. The Creator knows what is best, so do not waste anytime but listen in silence and wake up to the truth.

Your mother in resourcefulness and silence can you reach your full potential.