EA011 - Confetti


Hello son,

Today indeed is a special day and a mass awakening will follow soon. I came in the night and decorated your car with nature’s confetti. I was so pleased that you noticed straight away; it shows even the rush of the day, you are still tuned with the things around you.

There is so much going on which is not visible and we the Ascended Masters are creating a new world based around love and harmony for all who ascend.

Believe me it is soon.

The old paradigm is disintegrating; as old economic unfair systems of forced taxes and slave labour is going to be a thing of the past. It has been cruel for so long that Mankind being kept away from the truth by the dark lords; who are being rounded up and shipped away to other planets. Rest assured they will be accountable for all the wretched things they have done.

Mankind has gained so much confidence and strength that he is able to stand up and give his views. The demonstrations all around the world are necessary to open the eyes to the world concerning the truth. This was our first phase of our plan for mass awakening. The second will see the fall of all the major monetary systems.

In the new world there is no need to work and earn a small amount of money, for your cause. This has been a wretched system just to keep mankind busy and away from developing oneself spiritually.

Many millions around the world are meditating and learning to harness the energies of Mother Nature and the Almighty Creator.  

Soon first contact and disclosure will take place, when the acknowledgement of other extraterrestrial life will be told on major news networks. Finally, the arrival of spaceships; to help the planet to ascend and those who are incapable of tolerating the change and the fifth dimensional energies and change.

Your mother in celebration of the historic day of 11.11.11 and the start of harmony and love all around the world.