EA010 - Harmony


Hello Son,


By the end of the week new wave of intense and harmonic energies will have permeated in the souls of millions of people all around the world. These energies will lift the spirits of people, leaving them peaceful and loving than ever before.

If you have been restless lately, this is due to the old energies and memories lingering inside your consciousness. By coming to terms and not dwelling on them, we can now release them into the cosmos.

The new harmonic energies that will revive every cell and tune them, in preparation for the mass awakening that will shortly follow. It is necessary in advance to let go memories that have been deeply rooted into our consciousness and have made us emotional. This has meant us to be prejudiced and sceptical between each other. Learn to release and accept what has happened in the past as another trial in life and that we have overcome this difficult period.

These energies has no room for emotional people, so stay calm and let them absorb inside each of you. A calm transformation will take place that will leave you with respect with the surroundings and any severed relationships.

In preparation of these energies, go outside and absorb the light. It is better if you take advantage of the forests, parks and flowers, by saying thank you to Mother Earth for her beauty in displaying nature at her best.

Your mother, lift your spirits and concentrate on raising your own vibrations.