EA009 - Visualise and believe


Hello Son,

Visualise and believe

There is uncertainty in the minds of many people around the globe; we ask that you replace this with belief. Due to probability of an event happening based on mankind’s consciousness, there are going to some things that need to be delayed to maximise the success criteria of ascension.

We ask that you keep believing and visualising positive thoughts to accelerate the process. We remind you that life is based around thoughts when we visualise and believe in our dreams and wishes. By doing so, we connect with the universe, and a connection is made through the universal laws and action takes place, where the energies combine and life’s event occurs.

By constantly keeping ascension in our minds and repeating the idea daily, belief will replace the doubt that exists right now.

All over the world there are many things happening to accelerate the ascension program which are not recorded, as we do not wish to burden and overload your minds. It is important to concentrate on increasing ones own vibration by meditating and being positive.

Things will happen when they need to happen; it is not our nature to force issues upon someone who is not ready. Patience and trust is required from all of you; there is a lot, you can do. By repairing broken relationships or reuniting with someone; we can change your own outlook and perspective in life. Do not give up now when so much is going on which is positive.

Preparation is changing our lifestyles that will leave us happy and not frustrated.

Your mother reminding ascension is taking place and reminding all to belief in yourselves.