EA008 - The Sacrifice


Hello Son,

The Sacrifice

Everyone given the choice would choose ascension to benefit themselves and improve their own quality of life. But this does not come straight away as some sacrifices are necessary to make time to prepare oneself spiritually and mentally.

All the Prophets, Saints, and Ascended Masters, all had to sacrifice their livelihoods, time and family to prepare and follow the path of God. We too must make a dedicated sacrifice to follow the same path.

Never before in the history of the planet, have there been so many changes all at the same time, all over the world. Everywhere people are making constructive and meaningful decisions about there lives, by publicly demonstrating. They are aware inside their hearts the unhappiness they feel in their own areas they live. They demand changes to benefit there own lively hoods then living in continuous debt for the rest of there lives.

These people have made are sacrifice to demonstrate to get their message across. We have to make a sacrifice if we want to ascend to the higher dimensions of thought and the path of the Creator.

This sacrifice is to upgrade our own consciousness and moving to the fifth dimension. By reading, watching our words when we speak, being humble, doing the right thing without others being upset and meditating; these approaches are necessary to follow the same path as the Prophets thousands of years ago.

The time is now, to do all these things; with so much energy and creative energies flooding the Earth. The collective consciousness is changing and positivity is increasing daily all around the globe.

We need to make time NOW, so that we are not left behind or be the last to ascend.

Your mother, requesting that all of you make changes that will benefit and upgrade your own consciousness.