EA007 - Energies of 11.11.11


Hello Son,

This is the final week of energies flooding into the planet. These energies will increase in small increments daily until the date of 11.11.11; when they will reach their peek.

It is why you have been tired and sleepy all week, as the energies will cause these effects; but this is temporary as they will soon circulate around the body to be digested into every cell. Some of our readers will be having other effects too of the same nature. We require all of you to be patient and tolerant over the week.

It is a testing time for all of us, as the energies will lead to a mass awakening of millions of people around the world. Some of you have been waiting for a sign or a mass destruction of some kind.

The Creator does not wish suffering to be the cause of this awakening and giving every opportunity for mankind to awaken; however, some devastation is necessary in some parts of the world to speed up the process.

Mankind take advantage of these energies by meditating and spending as much time to develop yourselves spiritually; as you awaken further, knowledge will be given that is special and nourishing to the mind, body and soul. We will soon feel lighter and less burdened, this is the reward, and the Creator wishes to share with you all.

Your mother asking for patience during your mediation to awaken the remaining cells of your bodies.