EA006 - Veils of Achievements


Hello Son,

Veils of achievements

Since the beginning of time, there have been 124,000 prophets and there are 124,000 levels of spiritual knowledge we have to achieve to get to and recognise the Creator.

The prophets not only brought wisdom and insight in how to live on the Earth, but spiritual knowledge and what steps to achieve in the ascension of man.

In ancient times it was commonly called wisdom, but in these days, ascension is more applicable. It is the connection first of our higher self that leads to the first veil that leads to the Creator.

Each veil has its own intensity of knowledge; as knowledge is light and light illuminates the soul, the heart and the mind. Too much light will destroy the body; it is why the Creator teaches mankind a little at a time, so that first we can tolerate the energies associated with each type of knowledge.

Even the writer of these words is on a special program in which knowledge is being transmitted through the higher self a step at a time, so that the body can tolerate the energies.

Do you remember when Moses cried out to God and wished he could see Him? The Creator said, “Moses you cannot see me I am most powerful.” Yet he pleaded again and again. The Creator showed himself on a mountain, which exploded into tiny piece, as the might of the Creator was too much for the mountain. In turn, Moses fainted and collapsed as he could not tolerate the energies of the Creator.

Each veil is a level of wisdom and understanding that can be achieved. We remind you again that Mankind will be able to receive all the knowledge that was given to Adam since the beginning of Creation. It is a promise that the Creator will gladly give back to you.

If you listen in silence and be patient in your self, then pray that the Lord grants your wish for enlightenment and wisdom. It is a prayer worth saying, if you know it is best for you.

Your mother is closer to God than you all think, her veils have almost all been lifted.