EA005 - United


Hello Son,


All around the world the pace of being heard is growing. This means that the demonstrations in the cities are growing day by day. This is a voice and this voice is united on one cause, for mankind to be free from debt and the rid of greed.

Mankind are awakening and standing up to the leaders that have ruled the land, to say enough is enough, and now it is our time to be heard. The veil that clouded each mans judgement is slowly taken away and we can now think clearly and rationally.

This unity is pleasing the Creator as this is the same voice in other cities around the world. It is the same message, to rid of greed and knowing the truth.

There are some who will say that it will soon die out and they will stop demonstrating soon. But no; the voice is heard all around the world; as the ripple of energy is moving so fast that each day people are coming to join. Do not be misled by others who ridicule this, for they ridicule themselves.

The energy and the highest of the year during the day 11.11.11 (11-November-2011) beckons as more people will awaken and others will awaken further to learn new insights of themselves.

Did we not say that September, October and November were holiest of months; look at the changes around the world. In most major countries there is an outcry to be free.

Your mother hearing the voice of the many.