EA004 - Religious Discrimination


Hello Son,

Religious Discrimination

To progress oneself mentally to the next step, is to stop the religious discrimination we have in our minds. On a daily basis in the media there is censored, prejudiced and discriminate news in papers and television.

WE must rise above this and keep an open mind and find things out for ourselves. By looking at different news channels and on the website in blogs and forums we can create a better picture of people.

We must remember it is the Creator, who from the beginning of time has sent down 124, 000 prophets to act as His messengers. They all said the same priory messages. It was necessary to have other religions to cater for ethnic, custom and traditional ways of thinking of people at those old times.

We must also remember we are a lot more intelligent compared to ancient and old ways of thinking. However, there were also intelligent and talented people too; we mean in average and collectively, we say these words not in anyway being discriminated.

End discrimination in religion and people, there are many millions who are kind and humble. Does it matter what type of skin and belief systems they belong to. Talk too people with open warmth as you talk to your families and loved ones; they in return greet the same way.

Religious wars has plagued the history of this planet, most have been unnecessary and even the Creator has been dismayed by selfish thought and greed in these matters.

In every religion of the world, some have excelled to become pious. They have reached the highest accolades in spirituality based around their religious foundations. So you must give thanks to all of these people who we read about their work in books and on the website. Their work has been inspiring and each time we read these works, continuously we feel enlightened.

It is the Creator that has inspired their minds and the words they use. So look upon each individual as your equal.

Your mother; who is supervising the ascension of mankind; without any discrimination in beliefs, colour or race and religion.