EA003 - Emotional Cleansing


Hello Son,

Emotional Cleansing

Today is the start of intense refined light pouring into the planet in aid of ascension; as ascension is about purity of thought and positivity, once again I ask all of you to let go of all the emotional baggage and deep grievances of the past. This will only hamper everyone’s performance in the next 5th dimensional realm.

These grievances could be minor like, angry with someone over little things to severe ones, for instance deep rooted annoyance, anger or jealousy over friends and relatives.

Any misunderstanding or anger is based the lack of knowledge and understanding during that time, built with inner weaknesses of character. We have all been guilty of this, blurting out unnecessary words that only hurt and ruin relationship. It is not worth it anymore so let it filter out of your heads and replace it with happier and nourishing thoughts.

This can be a battle as some will definitely find it hard to let go of all these emotions in your minds. But we remind you that the bigger picture is worth having as soon some will experience the true ecstasy of ascension and peace of mind. This will lead you to happier and serene life in the new world in Mother Earth.

If it helps, talk to someone about whatever is plaguing your minds; use their guidance and listen carefully whatever suggestions they give. Then carry this through. Forgiving others is a higher sacred and spiritual thinking that must be practiced regularly; together with charity to others in help, gifts and money.

The new energies will cause you to be tired in some cases but this is only short term as they need time to filter through the rest of the body. If need be lie down and relax.

Your mother in delight that ascension is soon happening all around the world, patience is still needed.