EA001 - Ascension Begins


Hello son,

Within days Ascension of the planet and its inhabitants will take place. Yes within days, there is no need for alarm or to do anything. We the team of Ascended Masters are going to start the Ascension plan, which will take place in phases. The first phase is within days and the other phases will take place gradually in 12 months time.

For those who are already awakening this is a monumental triumph for mankind and the planet. We must remember that mother earth, too is going through this process and has provided most are our needs to perfection, for we should give thanks too.

We remind mankind that there is no need to go to another place or do something different; we have taken care of your needs to perfection. The big switch on consciousness is soon upon us and it is going to be exciting.

Your mother; announcing the start of phase 1 of ascension of the planet.