Dream 061 - The Vortex


In my dream I am walking around a very large modern house. The house belongs to me and looks like a very big mansion on two floors. There is also a large beautiful garden surrounding the house with a mixture of trees.

My father comes to visit and says to me "tell them that, there is a vortex inside the house that’s waiting to be discovered; and if they (people) knew, they would sponsor you."

As soon as he said that I see a swirling vortex whirl through the house, spinning incredibly fast.

The dream fades away and ends.

The modern house represents my new beliefs and the large size means my how large my mind is. This is my spiritual mind that has awakened and continues to grow daily.

The garden outside the house refers to the free mind and space I have; which simply means that I am not confined to prejudices and opinions of others.  Instead there is plenty of space to roam around; this also means that I am still listening and willing to learn further.

When my father says that a vortex is inside the house, this is a reference to my Kundalini and also my spiritual attributes and knowledge. This has opened further and by him referring to the vortex; he has come and given me a gift. This gift was released as a vortex spinning around the house.

This is now has become active and he wants me to continue with my quest for spreading the truth to all humanity.

Thank you for the gift Dad.