Dream 059 - Seeing through walls


I dream that I am teaching a lesson in a classroom. The dream is not clear and I am having difficulty viewing it clearly as the colours were dull.

Then all of a sudden, I could see everything really clearly, like my own sight. The colours were bright.

As I dismissed my class a few minutes early from the end of the lesson, I look across to the wall, but I noticed that there was no wall. In fact I could see all the rooms across each other and the offices.

It was amazing as though every wall had simply disappeared. No one had noticed that I was watching them, as they were carrying on with their lesson.

The dream ends and fades away


In my dream I reached the frequency of the wall and matched it. This means that the wall and I are vibrating at the same frequency, and when this happened I could see through the walls.

This is like having an extra sensory perception ability or a sixth sense.

In the beginning of the dream the colours were dull; this is because I had not reached the frequency to see things clearly. But once my focusing got better the colours became bright.

There are people around the world who can see through walls; they often had to raise their vibrations to a certain frequency first, before doing this.