Dream 057 - Shifting sands


I dreamt that I was in Qatar watching a cricket match, in a huge stadium; then all of a sudden the sands start to sink. The ground began to shift and move up and down. Then I saw some kind of mechanical devices buried underneath.

Then the scene changes and I am standing next to the pyramid in Egypt. Once again there is movement in the sands. The ground begins to move up and down and begin to sink. Here I see buried in the sands different type of mechanical devices and machines.

The dream fades away and ends.


Both of these countries are in the Middle East and going through changes of public opinion and instability. There is regular news updates about the people and the suffering.

The shifting sands signify that there will be change coming to those countries; and as a result new ideas will be introduced to replace the old ones.

Let’s all pray for the changes to come sooner rather than later in the whole region.