Dream 056 - Highway


I dream that I am in a car near my area in Stockport. I drive around a roundabout onto a road. However the road seems like a highway as the cars are going so fast.

I notice a car behind me, as I slow down two cars go whizzing past me with incredible speed. The highway seemed as though it was floating. Then I hear a knock on the side backseat left window. I turned round to see my youngest son holding onto the roof of the car ushering me to let him in the car.

I look down for the brakes to slow down, but realised that there were no pedals at all. I wondered how I was going to slow down, and then as soon as I thought of this the car slows a little.

The dream fades and ends.


The highway was a portal where souls during sleep use to get to one destination across the universe.

Everyone who dreams use this highway or portal to get across and see past relatives or any kind of place the soul wishes to go to. It was quite busy as the dream suggests is because there are lots of people sleeping or in a meditative state using this same portal.

To see my youngest son holding onto my car suggests that he wishes to learn and experience what I am going through.