Dream 055 - Police


I dreamt that I was in a big shopping complex with a friend. Inside the complex there is a market with lots of small businesses.

I can see through all the small businesses as there are no walls to divide them. Most of them are selling ladies wear and have set their items on the rails. Outside the complex is the main road and most of the shop keepers have parked their cars and vans there, I did too as I was a trader at the complex.

Then a moment later the Police come and put parking tickets on all the cars and vans. The shop keepers are angry and go out to investigate. There is a commotion outside as the Police and shopkeepers are having an angry discussion about the fines.

I too go outside to find that every shopkeeper in the small businesses had been fined including my friend. As I go to my car I find it missing and the Police tell me that they moved my car across the road and parked it there without fining me.

I became angry and demanded to know why I was not fined and under whose authority did they have the right to move the car. The Police just looked at me and took me to my car.

The dream ends and fades away


Many years ago I had a clothing business and this relates to my past memories and experiences.

The Police are angels acting under the Creators authority to make sure that everyone is dealing their items honestly and being mindful to customer care. The Creator has set out conditions of fair trading based on common sense and not be greedy or act corruptly in any part of running a business.

The small business shop keepers were fined meaning that when they were conducting their business along the way all of them acted dishonestly and it is why the Creator had fined them.

When I could not find my car and the Police had marked it somewhere else; this means that they were safeguarding my car and making sure that it comes to no harm. Also if you noticed that I was not fined meaning that when I ran my business honestly. Which is reassuring that I conducted my business with the customer coming first.