Dream 053 - Kitchen table


In my dream I enter a house and recognise my mum’s friend which I have not seen for a very long time. She is excited to see me.

The entrance led into the kitchen where her daughter was beside her, she was about sixteen. I thought to myself wow, she has grown up. The last time I saw her she must have been 6 yrs old.

I placed my hand on her head and said hello with a smile, she smiled back. Her mother ushered me into an adjacent room with a huge Indian table which was beautifully inlaid with pearls. I sit down and the table is filled with food, but one eye was still focused on the table.

Then I noticed my mother observing at a distance; I ask her how much could I get this table from India, she says, about Rs. 2000, then I ask her what about the carriage charges, she replies Rs. 9000. Then I thought it was not worth it to import it here.

The dream fades away and ends.


The dream was inspired by my mother; it was why she was observing me from a distance. The interpretation is that I should get into contact with these people again, even though I have no idea where she lives.

It is important to get to know old friends which you have not seen, as they too will be glad to see you too.

The kitchen table where I was sitting represents the status that the Creator holds for the family. It shows that they are a pious and positive family; the table filled with food is the reward for the good deeds they have done in their lives.