Dream 052 - Ten feet tall boy


In my dream I am in an elevated garden, it had an upper and lower level. Between the two, it was separated by railings and stairs going down to the lower level.

There were children playing in the garden and there was lots of noise, then a boy’s voice caught my attention, he must have been about 14/15yrs old. He was making fun at me and saying silly things, I ignored him.

Later I went down to the lower level of the garden by the stairs, then as I was looking around the same boy from the upper level started to make fun again from a distance. Then I noticed my younger son and told him to grab the boy, which he did.

As I came over to him to strongly tell him off, I noticed besides him was his father and he thought it was funny and was laughing. I told his father that I was his teacher (even though I have never seen him before), his face dropped and looked shocked and walked away in embarrassment.

When I turned to the boy I realised he must have been at least ten feet tall; I was just about his waist height. I stood there thinking what do I do now, should I tell him off or actually hit him.

The dream fades away and ends.


The children playing in the garden shows their innocence and there place in the eyes of the Creator. Mainly, young children or innocent ones are still very positive and there conscious has not been polluted by the material world of competition and greed.

The boy making fun is typical behaviour of that age group.

When I come to confront him to tell him off, even though I have never met him before, he is ten feet tall. Two important messages come from this; firstly that I should not judge a child as at this age there are still playing around and not mature enough to judge their actions.

Secondly, as I told the father that I was his teacher, this means that I will some time in the future will come into contact with these types of children and inspire them.