Dream 051 - Renovating


In my dream I see a man who is replacing a complete wall from one of the rooms of his house. The builder comes and surveys the room and starts to replace the bottom wall with a wooden frame.

Later on in the evening the weather turns for the worse and the rain begins to filter through inside the house. At the bottom of the wall a pool of water is seen.

The builder is called to inspect what has happened, and he concludes and says to the man that the wood is rotten from the beginning and he is going to replace everything.

Then I see another person who is also a builder and he says come with me, as I follow him I am flying over the roofs of houses. I can see things on top of houses that have been lodged inside the guttering.

He takes me inside a shop and says that he will not be long. I observe him buying clothes.

The dream fades away and ends.


The first part of the dream relates to the cleansing that is happening in everyone’s lives. The rotten wood signifies old and negative memories that have gotten people emotional. This built up emotions is the stumbling block that prevents mankind from moving up the dimensions and into the fifth.

When the builder starts replacing the rotten wood, this shows that the cleansing is well taken care of. This is also shows that the man is aware of his surrounding and his life.

The second part of the dream relates to builders in other occupational people who are still totally unaware of what is still going on.

Lets hope that the message is getting through to everyone.