Dream 050 - Observers


In my dream I am invited to a woman’s wedding; she is wearing a red outfit and has a red shawl over her head. She had no makeup on.

I notice that a group of people from a distance were observing her as though they were looking out what she was doing in her life.

The scene changes immediately and I see a coral tree above my head which is full of dust. I immediately get a duster and start cleaning the dust away.

Then I felt a group of people were observing me from a distant place, as though they were scrutinising what I was doing in my life.

The dream fades away and ends.


The women in red wearing a wedding outfit signify that she has found happiness in whatever she is doing. By wearing no makeup shows that she is confident and is unperturbed or influenced by others.

When I see a coral tree above my head and start cleaning it, his means that I am clearing out and uncluttering my mind. And again some people are observing what I am doing, which is natural curiosity.