Dream 047 - Sacrifice


I have been thinking about changing my routine to maximise my time and enhance my spirituality.

I dreamt that I went into a shop, which was part a grocery shop to the right and a recycling centre to the left, where I gave over my pillow. The man at the counter said that it will be 40p, which I thought was unusual, but I gave him the money.

I then went to the other side of the shop to get some groceries. I see a woman looking into a basket of bread. On the left hand side there were loaves which were reduced and on the right fresh bread.

I decided to buy the fresh bread and started to put them into a big black bag. A woman started to help me too and accidently took them for herself. I wondered what she was doing.

The dream ends and fades away


By giving my pillow to the shop assistant it means that I am sacrificing the comforts of life to follow my path, this is the result of my thinking about the future.

Then later I am deciding upon which type of loaf to take, the fresh one or the loaf which is reduced. But I decide upon the fresh loaf.

There is a spiritual message in this, if I carry on then my progress would be at the same pace as now. However, as I have selected the fresh loaf it means that my path will be made easier by making this decision.

In life, we are given choices that lead to outcomes which is better in the long run for a person. It is these challenging decisions and even risks that the Creator is pleased with mankind about.