Dream 046 - Tsunami


In my dream I receive news that a tsunami will hit a city. I then immediately find myself in the same city.

I am walking down to the beach, on my left is a straight road and on the right a wall of trees. It was beautiful to look at.

As I gaze over to the beach I see an enormous wave, it was at least a hundred metres high, coming towards the shore. This was the tsunami I received the news about.

I was really scared and turned round and ran for my life. I saw lots of people running too. I was thinking how I am going to over run this tsunami.

As I turned round to see where the tsunami was, the wave changed into a big bus and moved onto the road. I slowed down and watched the bus picking up people who were running.

The dream ends and fades away.


The few months there have been several tsunamis hitting the shorelines of different countries around the world. There could be more to come in the near future as the Earth crust is shifting.

The significant part of the dream is when the tsunami changes into a big bus and starts picking people up. This mean that it may be destructive but there will be a low loss of life as many people will be saved, which is good news.