Dream 044 - Spirit guide


In my dream I am walking along a road that leads to a city, which I see at a distant. I realised that besides me is my mothers spirit guide, but he is walking a lot faster then me.

I began to ask questions to him, barely keeping up with his pace. He replies soon and keeps walking to the city.

I begin to tire and decide to stop and let him continue on his journey, there was no way that I could keep up with him.

The dream ends and fades away.


My mothers’ spirit guide was walking a lot faster and I could not keep up because he is vibrating at a higher frequency then me. This means that to walk alongside him and communicate with him; I would have to raise my vibrations and speak the same spiritual language.

This also means that I have to match his frequency to tune into his wisdom, before any communication could take place.

However, the most important thing is that I have tuned into him and able to keep up to his frequency. Hopefully I will able to converse with him just like my mother.