Dream 043 - Inspection


In my dream I see a group of Policemen going into a shop; they are conducting an inspection of his dealings. The man who owns the business moves to one side and lets the Policemen look through his account books.

I was observing all this and then my attention is drawn outside the shop, a girl is wandering around by herself. I thought she is too young and should be accompanied by an adult. As soon as I think of this a Policemen approaches the girl and asks for her mum.

He takes the girl to one side and asks her in detail, and then her mum is seen walking down the mall. She looks drunk or not well. The girl during all this time seemed very distressed.

The dream ends and fades away.


This was a glimpse of everyday life in a single moment of time. The dream highlights two types of situations when someone can be worried or stressed; the man whose accounts and dealings were being inspected and the other a girl who is not being looked after correctly.

In both cases they were both worried and stressed.

I was shown this dream to highlight the trauma in everyday life that still happens on a daily basis. These people in the dream have not awakened and live totally in the material world and their laws. The world and its structure is full of stressful situations and only if they wake up they will understand the future. But only if they find the path.