Dream 042 - Elephant


In my dream I am following a large elephant into an area. The elephant was roaming around a garden going over the grass waywardly. I am a scared at the sight of such a large animal, but I wanted to catch it to avoid people getting hurt.

The area was like a row of office building in a semi circle; there were children running around as well as adults; hence the urgency to catch this elephant.

The scene changes and I am riding the same elephant through the area, with complete control over the elephant. I felt excited riding such a large animal.

As I dismounted, I tell the elephant to stay there and be on its best behaviour. The elephant replies back, in his language which I could understand, and he said that he would.


To see and ride an elephant, it shows that I have creditable qualities as a person, with patience and perseverance.

In the beginning I was trying to catch the elephant, this shows that I was developing my character as a person; but later in the dream I begin to ride the elephant, showing that I have matured in character possessing abilities that will give me honour in this world.

When I dismounted the elephant and told it to behave, this shows that I am always in control of my life and emotions.