Dream 041 - Diamonds


In my dream I am at school teaching my lesson. Then after the lesson a student comes to me and says whilst she was tidying up, she found a black velvet purse with diamonds and gave them to my senior colleague. I thought that was really strange and decided to dismiss what she was saying and carried on with my next lesson.

Then while I was walking down the corridor of the school another pupil comes to me and says whilst she was tidying up she found a black velvet purse full of diamonds and she gave it to my senior colleague. I said to her that if she found any more she should give it too me.

As I turned round I see my senior colleague emptying a safe full of fake printed money and giving to the students to play with it. He was contemplating on retirement as he had so many diamonds now.

Next a pupil comes running to me and says she found more diamonds in the same coloured purse. I was delighted and did not even check but put them straight into my pocket. As I was doing so, I could feel the diamonds, which were small and were about a dozen of them.

The dream fades away and ends.


My senior colleague, who has been teaching double the time as I have, has received a reward for his dedication. Not only that but teaching has awakened his inner abilities. The diamonds signifies the wealth of knowledge that has been given to him for all the years of teaching. Now he is able to relax and think about retirement.

I too received a diamond purse for the same reason and my dedication to teaching.

In any job small or big there are lessons to be learnt and a person can inherit the creative abilities from even the work place. These experiences make us understand what we are and what roles we have to play in our lives. In every case the Creator awards all who carry out their duties well.