Dream 040 - Restless


In my dream I am sitting down watching television, then the wall behind the TV disappears and a couple walk through into the house. They say hello and sit down on the sofa.

I noticed that the woman completely lies down on the sofa and sighs in relief. She found the recliner sofa comfortable and just wanted to relax, she seemed restless, and at last she was able to feel comfortable after such a long time.

I turned round to see where her husband is and notice that my bed had appeared downstairs all of a sudden. The man lies down on the bed and he too seemed really stressed and restless. He found the bed comfortable and he too sighed in relief.

The dream fades away and ends.


These visiting souls were clearly restless. They came to the house to seek refuge from there busy lives in the material world.

I could feel the tension in their faces, as though they had not been able to find any peace.

However, once they came into the house they felt relieved as though there problems had disappeared. It is the reason why they felt so comfortable as they felt the peace and harmony of the house.