Dream 038 - Flash flood


In my dream I am driving down the road with my dad, and then all of a sudden a huge wave with tremendous force flooded the road. With enormous power it washed and destroyed everything in its path

The car we were in overturned and we swam to the side and got over the wall to safety. As we climbed over I realised the road was a major motorway (highway) and not just a small road.

When I got to safety I noticed a taxi dating back to the Second World War, and the people were wearing clothes of that period.

The scene changes as I walk down the same road, but this time I was back to the modern era.

I come to the end of the road and I look to my left and see another road with a bridge overhead. Under this bridge I see a huge wooden gate that has been damaged. I realised that the wave went through the gate and diverted the water onto the motorway.

I look to my right and realise that I am in a movie and I am one of the characters. I recognise people all around me who I have a contact with on a daily basis. Even one of them asks me a favour, to look after their shop.

I look around and see that I am on a road filled with shops.

The dream fades and ends.


The first part of the dream, where I am on the motorway, relates to the changes and more changes that will sweep the world. These changes will affect everyone and are necessary and this has been done on purpose and carefully planned by the Creator; as seen by the water being diverted onto the motorway.

The second part of the dream relating to the movie scene, reminds me that I am still in the material world carrying out my daily activities. This also reminds me not to take things too seriously as the changes are coming soon.