Dream 036 - The Lion


I see a soccer match in a big stadium, but only 3 quarters full. Then all of a sudden a lion comes onto the pitch and mauls the players. I am shocked to see a lion and wondered how this could happen.

Then the lion runs into the side and makes it way onto the roof. I decide that I should lure the lion away from the crowds.

I stand on the opposite sides of the stadium away from the lion. I shout out to distract it, waving my hands at the same time. The lion stares at me menacingly and charges.

I jump down from the stadium and run across into a shopping centre, the lion is right behind me. As I run I am making giant leaps, as though I was floating across the road.

With fear in my head, and wondering when the lion will catch me, the dream ends and fades away.


This dream is a result of me watching a soccer match and my team lose. The lion is my anger and negativity resulting in mix emotions running through my mind.

However, when I lure the lion away, and me running away into the shopping centre, this means that I have released all the negative emotional energy away and allow it to disperse from my mind.

It is so important not to hold onto grudges or any kind of negativity too long and things that upset you too.