Dream 034 - The Soldier

In my dream I am observing a soldier who has just recovered from an injury. On combat duty he was shot in the head, but he has fully recovered.
Then the scene changes and I see him swimming in the water. He is swimming well but all of an instance he begins to struggle and starts panicking. I immediately swim over and grab him.
I give him support by grabbing and wrapping my hands around him and then proceed to the edge, where I release him.
The dream ends and fades away.
In this dream shows a soldier coming back from the war and tries to get back to everyday things in life.
However, he finds that around where he lives, changes have occurred. In the beginning he is able to swim, meaning that he is able to cope. But he begins to struggle and this shows his ignorance of the things around him.
The soldier has come back from the war and realises that there have been so many new changes that he is unable to understand and adopt in his daily routine of life.