Dream 032 - The disbelieving families


In the dream I am visiting a total of three different families.

The first family, who are totally unaware of the changes of consciousness, sit down with me for a chat. The husband and wife look totally drained and shattered, their faces has sadness about them. Even when they talk, it is slow and with very little emotion. His wife is pregnant and soon to give birth.

The second family I visit is confident and arrogant, and again totally unaware of what is happening. The wife in this household is also pregnant.

I then visit another family, whose husband is unaware that she is pregnant. She like the others looks shattered and devoid with any emotion.

I depart leaving all three families.

I return some time later to discover that all three wives had given birth at exactly the same time at 1pm. I visit the first family and see the husband holding the baby. His looks tired and exhausted, I ask if he wanted some help. He immediately gives me his baby to cradle.

I visit again the second family to find that she too has given birth; I then return to the third family to discover that her husband is totally unaware that she had given birth as he was not there.


The families were unaware of ascension and were totally lost and busy in the third dimensional world. All of them were struggling and their lives have been plagued with pressure and stress, as seen by their expressions in their faces.

As all three wives were pregnant means that the Creator has manifested his energies to understand and aid them in their journey of spiritual awakening.

Later the wives give birth, means; soon they will awaken and begin to understand what is going on. But it will take time, depending on their understanding and acknowledgement of ascension.