Dream 030 - Polluted Water


In my dream I am an observer and watching rooms and houses. Then I find myself invited to a family’s house.

They invite me to their main room; as soon as I enter I notice a big bowl of water in the middle of the room on top of a table. The table is so big it takes three quarters of the room and the star attraction was this bowl of water.

They offer me a glass of water which she gets from this bowl; as I watched her get the water, I noticed that the water was not clean and contained bits of hair. I was stunned and thought to myself that I do not want to offend this family, and decided to take a sip from the glass. Deep inside I was not happy, but I noticed that other members were drinking from the same bowl.

They next take me to another room and again there is a big table and a bowl of water. I looked at the water to see if it was cleaner, but it was not. In the bottom of the bowl, hair was floating around. Once again they offered me some water.

The dream ends and fades away.


The two rooms signify the foundation and memories of the family; which they believe in. However, the bowl of water is their belief and spiritual knowledge which they follow and share with others.

As the water was polluted, this shows that they have misunderstood and are misguided. The whole family is drinking from the same bowl means everyone share the same misguided foundation.

It does not matter which room I go to, meaning there recollection of memories, their belief system is not correct and they need to go on the correct path.