Dream 029 - UFO


In my dream I am standing outside looking at the sky. It is a normal working day and there are lots of people going about their business.

Then I notice a bird fly down to me; but it was mechanical. The skin of the bird was still feathered and floating close to my face. Then I noticed other mechanical birds too. I thought this was unusual and other people around notice them too.

Then I turned around and noticed hundreds of UFO’s flying around the sky. Some were moving fast across the sky others were hovering. Next I noticed a square UFO, with others alike they linked together and almost covered a part of the sky.

Its formation must have been hundreds of miles wide; they were so close no light could get through.

The dream fades and ends.


The bird like appearance of the UFO, signify that they are friendly and mean us no harm. This also shows that they wish to communicate and help out during these times.

When I turned round and saw hundreds of other UFO, this shows that there is a large fleet of them around the sky; In fact so many they can cover the sky.

Considering this is my third dream, we have to accept that they do exist and are here to help in the ascension process.