Dream 027 - The Bus route 11.11.11


In my dream I saw a double decker bus coming down the road. The road was like no other, but full of twists and turn, but this did not slow the bus down. It was able to maintain its fast speed.

By each bend of the road it dropped off two cars, at each of the stop; then speeding off to drop another two cars somewhere else.

The bus carried on doing this, and dropping off two cars along its journey. I kept watching in the distance before I lost sight of it.

The dream ends and fades away.


This dream is about the new energies coming to the planet on this special day 11.11.11.

The double decker bus signifies the attributes of the Creator and the energies. The road is the different places all around the world; it is why the road was full of bends and twists. This is because the energies have to go to so many different places and households.

When the bus stopped momentarily to drop off two cars, this interprets as two qualities or a gift has been bestowed onto mankind. It is like another awakening inside our minds, or new insights waiting to be discovered

It is now our responsibility to acquire and harness these new energies through our higher consciousness.